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A List of Local Farmers and Markets on the Home Page?

One of the first things I expected to see on this website was either an list or endorsement of local farmers/gardeners who want the business of (local) TM minded folks. Maybe it's here somewhere but if it was on the main page it would be an great enticement for the movement.

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Hi Robert - you're spot on!  There is a lot of work to do and progress to be made.  Because Transition Milwaukee is a 100% volunteer run organization, we have just not gotten there yet.  Are you willing to research this and provide input?  If so, a site administrator can post it.  Otherwise I imagine The Victory Garden Initiative ( or Milwaukee Urban Gardens might have resources as well. 


Feel free to contact myself or anyone listed under the Steering Committee contact page if you would like to add your input.


Thanks for your thoughts,



I'd like to follow up on Jessica's response.   

The structure of the Transition Milwaukee website is based around social networking concepts, not unlike Facebook, and marries that with some more traditional web site structures.  In the true sense of community, we encourage users to create their own content and share it.

One way to get something posted on the main page is to create a blog post with your content.  Newest items appear at the top and publishing is immediate.  Since there are not many posted, it will stay on the main page for a while.  You can edit the content and tweak it with HTML (if you know some).

Another option would be to have us admins create a static page for the content. This is much slower, less immediate, and subject to editing. However, that would not put it on the front page.  That type of static content can take while to create and some things may need to go through the Steering Committee for approval.  Dedicating a section of the homepage to specific concerns becomes difficult as many of the sub-groups want to put their stuff on there too.

You may find it most logical to create a group dedicated to this topic - no special privileges are required (link under Community menu > Groups).  Group pages have static sections that are editable by their respective admins.  You can control if content is viewable by TM members, group members, or the general public.  Come to think of it, we may even have a group that at least touches on this topic.

If you can create a list, blog it, create a group, or send it to us, and then we can go from there.  

There are many ways to accomplish this.  We are always looking for good new ideas.  And this is info many people would like to know.  

Takis Kinis
TM Admin 


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