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After spending 2 1/2 hours trying to get the charging port repaired for a perfectly good cell phone, I came across this article in one of my forums.  Amsterdam's Repair Café Foundation

The Verizon store no longer repairs anything and of course they tried to sell me a new one instead, in spite of the fact that they had no current model that duplicated the functions on the perfectly good phone I already have.

I found, but since I was on my way out of town, they felt they couldn't evaluate it quickly enough.  They were kind enough to send me to a nearby Batteries Plus (  They were able to find me a universal external Cell phone battery charger and I was off on my flight. 

Entrepreneurs are beginning to get it.  We don't want to throw away perfectly good equipment because of a minor problem that should be simple to fix.  Although it may be too costly to repair the kind of old items that are done for free at the Repair Café, many of us are willing to pay for quality repairs on a well-designed, usable item instead of buying the newer models, which seem to be lower quality each year.  I predict lots of business opportunity in fighting the trend.  Another skill for a better tomorrow.

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