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If you're not familiar with Chris Martenson, you might check him out.

I found this recent interview with Dines particularly interesting.  I also thought this was the perfect quote for the skeptics:


"Well it is just fascinating. We are at this unusual period of history and it is happening so fast, I think it is difficult for a lot of people to grasp. Here is an interesting statistic: If somebody is 22 years old today, he or she has been alive when half of all the oil ever burned throughout history has been burned. We have been using it since 1859, but really, when you compound your use of something at 1, 2, 3% a year, it is the last few decades that really count in that story. Here we are at a very interesting sweep of history where either we are at peak oil right now or in ten years. In some respects, I do not care if it is now or in ten years because that is a blink of a historical eye – it is happening now, by all intents and purposes.

I think it is the money system that falls apart in this story. That is sort of the angle I have been going toward… looking at peak oil not as a matter of theory, not as a religion, not as anything I particularly believe in, but a set of facts and observations that lead me to conclude there is a higher possibility and probability of seeing a crackup in our money system. And this time it is global."


If you want to know more about the issue of unsustainable economic growth check out Chris' "crash course".

or the short version:

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