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Some thoughts on the dynamics of housing markets and interesting graph on real incomes

A good analysis of the factors driving the US housing market.

For those of us struggling to make ends meet - heres why

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Global inflation and our role in creating misery everywhere.

Hopefully Transition can help counter this willful blindness effect

Erik Townsend says "On the Market's Willful Blindness

I do not think that we have ever seen a larger basket of major macro structural risks that everybody is aware of. It is not like nobody sees these things. But we have just somehow put them all on the back burner. Do not worry about China. Do not worry about Europe blowing up. Do not worry about Iran. Do not worry about the carry trade unwind in Japan that you have just written about recently. Do not worry about Peak Oil. Do not worry about the domino effect of China and Japan going down, taking out other economies that depend on them.

It is all fine. The LEIs are looking up. And we just seem to be in this cyclical trading mindset that it is going to continue to last until something breaks. And I think that when something breaks, it is going to break big."

Think about the above graph when you only earn a few hundred dollars a year.


Text of the interview


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