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An idea from the Milwaukee West Transition - we need to consider the role of elders and healthy aging in the Transition movement. 

At the last central meeting we also discussed the importance of relationships in our neighborhoods, and particularly mentioned the need to support our elderly neighbors.

In particular, an unsustainable social trend is the "warehousing" of the elderly in dehumanizing institutions.  In  many cases this happens not because of debilitating health issues but because the person doesn't have the support needed to stay alone in their home. 

So we ask, what can Transition do to promote healthier, more productive aging.  What should our communities be doing to assist our elderly neighbors to remain healthy and productive and to help them to stay in their own homes as they become more frail.


And on the flip side, many of our elderly have some of the skills that we are attempting to figure out how to re-learn.  There appears to be lots of synergy there.  This seems like a good opportunity for a working group to explore.  If intersted, West Milwaukee has started to look at the issue.  Feel free to join us.

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As a start, I am looking for a boarding opportunity in the downtown Milwakee area (within 10 min of I-94/794) and east of Brookfield.

I was thinking that many elderly are having difficulty both financially and also physically staying in their homes.  If you know of anyone in this situation, let me know.  I would be happy to help with cooking, maintenance, cleaning, etc.  Contact me via the Transition site.


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