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The Steering Committee is the central administrative function of Transition Milwaukee. This group drives the formation and solidification of the TM HUB by creating tools to enable and support neighborhood groups, work groups and partnerships. The S

Location: Milwaukee
Members: 17
Latest Activity: Sep 4, 2012

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Brainstorm 1 : SC Rules of Engagment : Please Contibute! 2 Replies

Started by Jessica Cohodes. Last reply by Jessica Cohodes Sep 4, 2012.

Brainstorm 2 : Membership On-Boarding Program and/or Resilincy Program Directory 4 Replies

Started by Jessica Cohodes. Last reply by Mark Miller Jun 1, 2012.

Brainstorm 8: Partnerships: Expectations of partners 2 Replies

Started by Mark Miller. Last reply by Mark Miller Jun 1, 2012.

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Comment by Sarah Moore on November 1, 2011 at 4:47pm
It would be good to have an official connection with VGI, or rather it is needed, but Concordia Gardens IS a TM project. I asked for it to be at Sept meeting and it was apporved. it has has been run until now totally be TM members and I am hoping TW will help the project. anyway CG is a TM supported project and The fruity nutty affair IS going to benefit the garden.
Comment by Natalie Berland on October 28, 2011 at 10:13am
Dear Steering Committee members or whoever is reading this :)

I am going to put together the 'newsletter' from the last Hub meeting next week. If you have things that you would like included please email me. Each subject should be 3-4 phrases and less than 100 words. If you would like me to include your contact information please let me know that as well. I will need this information by next week Wednesday November 2 at 5:00 pm.

Comment by Natalie Berland on October 26, 2011 at 7:25pm

Please provide for the newsletter.  I am going to email our presenters and get a short paragraph from them to include.

As far as VGI event, no we are not 'official' sponsors, but we haven't done anything for that status or tried to be.  I think that their mission is truly one that we should support and a lot of their leadership is shared with transition.


Comment by Jessica Cohodes on October 26, 2011 at 4:27pm

Is this a TM sponsored event?  Has VGI approached anyone in TM asking for support? Why does this qualify as an event worthy of recommending over other local events?

Also - on the newsletter - I can provide a list of other things that can be mentioned.  I have written it down as a to-do and will start a discussion in the next few days to add to the list. 

Comment by Natalie Berland on October 26, 2011 at 4:20pm
Hello all: Wondering if we can give more visibility to the Fruity Nutty event? considering if i am going to send a 'newsletter' / summary of hub meeting on the ning site in the next week or so we don't want to overkill with the emails, but this is kind of important. What do you think?

Comment by Sarah Moore on October 18, 2011 at 8:22am
we still need the up coming hub meetings covered. please click on this link and sign up if you are willing to help out with any of the meetings
Comment by Sarah Moore on October 18, 2011 at 8:15am
and thanks for sharing the notes so quickly, i really appreciate it.
Comment by Sarah Moore on October 18, 2011 at 8:14am
re #4 all password that I know about are on this google doc including the facebook;
also more than half the sc'er are admins on the facebook page already.
Comment by Jessica Cohodes on October 17, 2011 at 11:19pm
SC Meeting Notes
They are pasted below and posted to google docs. I shared with you. I will send via email address to get those that are not SC Group Members.

SC Meeting Notes

Hosted By: Neal Styka – THANKS NEAL!
Researched, Documented and well facilitated By: Natalie Berland and Dan Felix – THANKS! NICE WORK!

Neal Styka
Alex Montezon
Erik Lindberg
Jessica Cohodes
Terri Kinis
Dan Felix

Meeting Goal
Decide how we share documents and communicate

Meeting Decisions
1. The SC Will use the website SC Group for 1 month (Nov. 15th) to communicate. All intragroup email communications will be asked by the sender to post as a discussion or a comment. Here is the link for the site – sign up if you have not.
2. The SC will continue to look for a doc collaboration/storage solution
3. Every person on the SC Distribution List should give final commitment
4. Need password for facebook account
Meeting Comments (Topics for the SC Website Group Discussion Board?)
1. (Erik) How to engage groups/partners – Week/end long Milwaukee Activist Conference hosted by Transition Milwaukee
2. (Dan) Do Meetings on Skype
a. Saves Time
b. Meet more frequently
c. Efficient

Next SC Meeting
Nov 15th - Tuesday
3869 N Palmer St.
Erik will post the next SC meeting on the NING site

Current Members: Sarah Moore, Jessica Cohodes, Natalie Berland, Erik Lindberg, Terri Kinis, Alex Montezon, Neal Styka, Bryce Ruddock, Mark Gill, George Owen, Mark Miller, TM Admin (site curator)

Sign up:
• Sign-In
• Groups (community/groups or left side)  page 2  Steering Group  Join Group

“My Page”: This displays all your activity, including your groups . Find it in the top tool-bar. Take is for a test drive. It can be a useful ‘dashboard’ tool.
• Lists your groups
• Lists your events (hosted and attending)
• You can post comments and have it integrate into Facebook and Twitter
• Also lists your blogs, discussions, etc…

SC Group Page Uses: - let’s test it out and have fun blundering through some technology. Perhaps we will find something useful in it. Feel free to post comments or have discussions about your discoveries.

The below updates were given at the beginning of the meeting, so the above outline does not reflect the actual timeline.
Neal Styka
• Phone Tree – started by neighborhood or group
• Decision – start with SC and let the groups
• Who’s on the SC? – send email to those who have not shown up and ask are you in or are you out? Otherwise, what would you like to do?
Alex Motezon
• No updates
• Where to ask to do projects/events on behalf of Transition Milwaukee and what this process is?
• Emails are too fast to and subject changes
o Email Etiquette – stay on subject or change it
o Use the website and comment on the correct comment so it threads logically
Erik Lindberg
• Has seen Transition outside of the SC and the expectations of the group are a perspective he is mulling over.
• How to create buy-in and momentum?
Jessica Cohodes
• Graphic Design Interns
• Operational Support for workgroups and neighborhood groups
• ME2 wants us to partner – we should get our partnership profiles up-to-date
• We need liaisons for partnerships
• Newsletter
Terri Kinis
• Thinking – contemplating. Don’t know what she’s offering
Dan Felix
• Transition Wisconsin Board Meeting – officially accept me on to the Board w/Tom Brandstetter. Can listen in. Mark Miller & George Owen.
• Went through technology and wrote it down
Natalie Berland
• Needs to call Oliver Plunket – accountant for VGI and Erik
• Erik to call him?
• Molly Farison – database consolidation project (yahoo group, ning site and gmail group) and separate into geographies and disperse to neighborhood groups
o Also making a list of other associations
o Once this is done…change membership profile questions
Comment by Neal Styka on October 12, 2011 at 11:34am
Hi Everyone,

The next Steering committee meeting will be at Casa Maria Monday Oct 17 at 7 PM - 11131 N 21st ST, Milwaukee, 53233 on the 31 bus line, easy biking from East Side by taking North Ave or Capital to 20th ST, not far from Hank Aaaron Trail
Directions/Notes: between Highland and Juneau on 21st ST - next to the playground, 21st is a One-Way to the South enter from Juneau
Potluck - Bring a Dish or a Bev (No Alcohol this time since we will be at House of Hospitality for Homeless Woman (A Shelter )- THANKS and sorry
(No Pressure to bring anything - come even if you have nothing)
We do have a playroom with a bunch of toys and there might be other children around so feel free to bring the kiddos along.
If you plan to skype or call in please let me know.

Meeting Purpose - Digital Storage/Communication Project, Follow-Up and Updates
To discuss how the various digital communication and storage options work and who has access to what - see Natalie's TM communication document
A check in to see where things that came out of the brainstorming session have come along in the past month.
And perhaps starting a new discussion on how VGI and TM work together.

Meeting Roles - only Natalie has volunteered for any position - who else can take one??
: Note Taker (transcribe and post before leaving for the night)
: Vibe Watcher (ensure that everyone has a chance to hear and be heard)
: Facilitator (Below is the outline. Your only job here is to make sure we stay on queue.)

1 - Intros and Updates and Follow Ups(15mins)
What have you been up to? Do you need consensus on anything related to the SC in TM?
Have you begun working on the things you said you would?
The updates should be short...there's a lot to accomplish
2 - Review of What was Established Last time (5 min)
Read minutes of last meeting and see if anything needs further clarification
3 - Digital Document Control/Storage and Communication Ideas - Natalie (45 min)
Discussion on where we keep our minutes, essential documents,
presentations, media materials
How we communicate with each other, our members, etc.
What type of software we use, google, the website...
Who will have access
How we communicate between meetings to get consensus (online polling)?
4 - Next meeting date and place? (5 Min)
5 - Closing (10 Min)
Check In with People seeing if they got what they needed from the meeting and what else needs to happen

Please be sure you have followed up on what you committed to by next week.

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