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Power Down Week 2015

Power Down Week has 2 Objectives:

  1. Make your carbon foot print as small as you can
  2. Do it with others


"The honorable choice I see is to power-down; stop taking airplane jaunts, repair old things, get out the clothespins, grow food, walk.  And face the truth, that I am party to something so enormously destructive I can hardly know its edges.  The conquering of any addiction begins with these words: I am the guilty party." ~Barbara Kingsolver


Power Down Week Challenges
Power Down Week Challenge:
What will you do during Power Down Week to reduce your energy consumption?  
Challenge yourself to use less.  Participate in our many events. Create your own power down goals. Be creative and share your goals with others. Disconnect the power and re-connect with your community. 
At the end of the week we invite you to reflect upon what you have accomplished, what surprised and inspired you, and what unique things you have done to reduce your energy consumption.  
Ideas for powering down (written by Sura Faraj) 

What is Power Down Week? 
by Founder and TM Steering Committee Member Sarah Moore 

What would happen if we all stayed home for vacation, unplugged and spent time with friends, family and neighbors and worked on projects together? 

Imagine summer camp or a conference about getting off fossil fuel and building community, only when it ends, no one needs to go home, because we are already home!  All the bonds we make will be with people who already live near by.

  • What should the projects be?
  • How do we get more of our neighborhoods to join in?
  • Do you want to help plan, promote, or offer a skill set?
  • Everyone is welcome!

The kick off for Power Down Week 2015 is Sunday, July 5th. Individual neighborhoods will have unique workshops and projects going on until the end of the event, July 12th.  There are many opportunities for participation throughout the week.  


Some of the activities from previous years:

  • bike rides
  • installation of rainwater catchment system
  • community dinner
  • ice cream social (hand cranked- no electricity)
  • discussions, demonstrations, and classes (composting, natural beauty care, blacksmithing, cooperative housing, time banking, fruit preservation, fermentation, raw foods, soap making)
  • plant walk and bird walk at the Urban Ecology Center
  • yoga and dance
  • Concordia Garden workday
  • cob oven building
  • song circles and storytelling
  • Irish Knot bar powerdown
  • and more... (see all of 2013's events)

What do you want to do?  We want to hear from you!! 

Get Involved and Volunteer

Power Down Week is an all volunteer-run event. It will be what we make it. 


Stay tuned to this page for more details, and you can follow us on Facebook: 


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