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The Great Victory Garden Blitz!

The first, and successful...PRACTICAL MANIFESTATION...

Let's show how Milwaukee is a front runner for sustainable practices. Let's build credibility in the public eye for dedicated, creative responses to peak oil and climate change. Let's put a positive, encouraging path in front of others paralyzed in the doom and gloom. There is a way, and the time has arrived to finally lay the foundations."

The First Annual Great Milwaukee Victory Garden Blitz was a success! From bottom of my compost pile, I’d like to thank everyone who participated. I can’t say that I have ever been involved in any project or social movement that has been so rewarding and successful. And the Planning Team… wow! The Dream Team of all planning teams. Dedicated, focused (except for the digressions that I have a knack for causing), intelligent, conscientious, forward-thinking, and full of integrity. Thanks to all those who contributed materials, money, time, food and connections. Thanks to everyone who volunteered, installed a garden, or had a garden installed. And thanks to my mom and mother-in-law who kept the home fires burning while were blitzing all day. We came home to happy kids, a clean house, and food for the blast of a party that followed. Things are a-changing… and you are all part of it. Milwaukee (and, of course, my own hood, Shorewood) should be proud of this growing good food movement that is infecting everyone it reaches. People keep asking me for a total… How many gardens were installed because of the Blitz? It’s really hard to say… some of my friends and neighbors got really excited about the Blitz and put their gardens in a couple weeks ago. Others decided that they would plant some food where they had flowers last year. And still others decided to make their gardens bigger. Many others put their food production in containers on the patio. But if we include the number installed only this week I’d have to say that it was close to 50! 50! That’s stupendous….really. Milwaukee gets it…we understand what the changes we are facing and we are behaving with deliberation and conviction. Way to go Milwaukee!"
- Gretchen Mead, Victory Garden Initiative Founder

VGI Blitz in the Press
Victory Garden Blitz Bay View Compass - May 29, 2009
Over Memorial Day weekend, people all over the Milwaukee area got together at multiple residential sites to build and plant gardens in the Victory Garden...
Bay View Compass - May 29, 2009
“The most important thing to realize is we need to localize our food supply,” said Gretchen Mead, head of the Milwaukee chapter of the Victory Garden...
Victory gardens get growing with Saturday blitz Milwaukee Journal Sentinel - ‎May 22, 2009‎ By Karen Herzog of the Journal Sentinel
A small army of volunteers plans to fan out across Milwaukee and Shorewood on Saturday in a "Victory Garden Blitz" ...
Advocates Plant Seeds for Locally Grown Food 89.7 WUWM - Milwaukee Public Radio - ‎May 21, 2009‎ Over the weekend a group of Milwaukee area residents will help plant vegetable beds in yards and shared spaces. It's called the Victory Garden Blitz. ...

The Victory Garden Initiative launched in late 2008 to promote food production where people live -- in back yards, front yards, rooftops, patios, etc. VGI is comprised of gardeners supporting other gardeners in their own paths towards a self-sufficient, sustainable, and healthy food supply. Through mentoring, modeling and outreach, VGI aims to make gardening a way of life for everyone.


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Comment by Sarah Moore on March 8, 2010 at 8:52am
We are doing a Blitz again this year. Memorial day weekend. Check out the Victory Garden Initiative for more info.
Comment by Sarah Moore on September 29, 2009 at 2:27pm
we need volunteers for Oct 17th at all peoples church for Fruity nutty 350! Help plant trees and bushes! it should be a really fun day.
Comment by Sarah Moore on September 29, 2009 at 1:45pm
The new project is planting 350 food tree, bushes or vines by Oct 24th. the international day of action to bring awareness to that important number (parts per million we need to get down) go to
Comment by Gretchen Mead on June 10, 2009 at 7:40am
Well, the Victory Garden Initiative is at it again. This time we are going to have a fruit tree blitz. We are just in the planning stages so, the sky is the limit. Will we plant Lakeside Farms Fruit Orchard. Will we have the only organic Orchard in Southeast Wisconsin? Will we plant fruit trees in 100 yards?

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