Transition Milwaukee

Rebuilding Community Resilience & Self-Reliance

TM Vision and Mission

Founding Truths

This we believe:

  • We have become dependent upon fossil fuels in all aspects of our lives.
  • The ecology of our planet and its living things has suffered greatly during the age of fossil fuels.
  • Fossil fuels are a finite resource; the age of consumption enabled by fossil fuels is drawing to a close.
  • Alternative energy sources such as solar and wind cannot fully replace fossil fuels nor maintain a consumerist civilization.
  • Together we are responsible for our own levels of consumption; together we are responsible for creating a lower-energy future that will restore our planet and heal its creatures.
  • Powering down is necessary, inevitable, and can increase our overall well-being as we come together to produce a just and sustainable world.



This we hope for:

Imagine a resilient and self-sufficient Milwaukee comprised of a diverse array of local communities, populated by neighbors working side by side to produce our own low-energy abundance.  Envision a time when instead of striving separately to acquire more than we need, we have joined together to restore each other and the earth, achieving a just and peaceful community for today and a regenerative way of living for tomorrow and thereafter.



This we will do:

Transition Milwaukee is part of a global movement based on permaculture principles and the awareness of resource depletion and ecological devastation.  It empowers people and their communities to create local responses to converging environmental, energy, and economic challenges.

We will unleash our collective genius by educating and supporting each other, inspiring a network of neighborhood initiatives and work groups dedicated to building and fostering local resilience and community self-sufficiency as we progress towards sustainable practices.

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