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What is Transition? If you're still getting oriented to the Transition framework, below are some good starting points:

The Transition Handbook
An essential reference. Inspiring, easy to read, a great way to introduce others to the Transition model.

12 Steps to Transition
A concise overview of the Transition process, as it has evolved in other communities.

Transition Initiatives Primer
A more in-depth source of info about Transition Initiatives and how to get them started. Describes the different types of TIs and their criteria.

Transition United States
Contains a basic intro to the Transition Movement (see Getting Started) as well as updated information about Transition Training in the U.S.

Transition Wisconsin
Links to other initiatives and events statewide.

Toolbox for Sustainable City Living
Author Scott Kellogg, a member of the Rhizome Collective in Austin, Texas, details a comprehensive urban approach to sustainability. Available at your local bookstore and online.

Transition Videos

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