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February 2014 Blog Posts (2)

Bio-Sphere Earth

Bio-Sphere Earth


When European pilgrims, pioneers, explorers, trappers, and slave-driving planters began their mis-taking of America, there were, or course, civilizations here already.  But they were unseen or dismissed as “savage,” and in large part because they had an entirely different relationship to the land.  Rather than overpowering the continent, Native peoples had adapted to this land, had developed “sustainable” systems, and had managed the flow of energy in ways…


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The World is Not Flat



We live on a spherical and thus finite planet, a fact that is not contested even at the far fringe of the GOP or the most intoxicated heights of Wall Street where wizards summon an ever-expanding supply of money out of the ether.  While a sphere is  by all measures fully contained, a flat earth suggests the possibility of infinitely receding horizons with fresh land and new spaces beneath; and thus on a flat earth one can entertain more cogently the prospect of…


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