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May 2010 Blog Posts (4)

Why Anger Towards BP is Largely Misplaced

Why Anger Towards BP is Largely Misplaced

Like anyone who gives a damn about anything, I too have been watching the BP oil spill with horror. It is becoming increasingly clear that this is well on its way to becoming an unprecedented ecological disaster for North America, perhaps our Chernobyl. At the least, it is likely to have environmental ramifications for decades to come and may prove to be a watershed moment in American energy policy as the images of futile technological efforts… Continue

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Ok, I am obssesed with letters to NPR, but. . .

Dear NPR,

Thank you for your story on the “food stylist” today. An hour-long interview with Michael Polan would not have been as effective as this in showing the consequences of an industrialized food system, one in which food becomes the stuff of marketers and corporate profits, in which consumers are presented with an idealized image as they make their food choices, and in which food is distanced from considerations such as nutrition and the conditions under which it is grown and… Continue

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Another Letter to NPR about their lame coverage of energy and oil

Dear NPR,

I want to thank you for your coverage on Morning Edition (5-18-10) on our energy future with reference to the dangers of off-shore drilling. I was pleased that you put its obvious hazards into dialogue with the matter of our projected liquid-fuel needs. Too often we are told that we simply “need to get off oil,” or that we should just “drill-baby-drill” regardless of potential consequences. It is less common to see the two issues discussed together.

However, the… Continue

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The Aspiration Gap

A hardcore Plan C advocate can be aggressively unimpressed with conventional measures to conserve energy or use alternatives. The numbers themselves, can be disheartening: if we doubled the most optimistic projections for the amount of energy that solar and wind could provide by 2020, we are only up to 1% of world BOE usage.…


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