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June 2010 Blog Posts (10)

Who Woulda Thunk It

Who Woulda Thunk It:

That a meal of sautéed kohlrabi, radish, carrot, and beet greens, with some great northern beans, would be so tasty that it goes into the weekly staple file, and is not just a powerdown week novelty? Amazing what fresh can do!

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King Kale and Prince Kohlrabi


I’m beginning to find a routine. No breakfast but an early lunch of fried potatoes and eggs. I feel like I’m cheating, because this is better than the peanut butter and jam or left-overs than I normally eat. Last night was the Kale-gate party. Lots of great food, most of which had Kale in it—salads, potato dishes, casseroles. This does not feel like all that much of a sacrifice. This week will likely change the way I eat.


Again the humongous… Continue

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Powering down is time consuming. I am addicted to speed, to getting lots of stuff done quickly. These are expectations I’ll need to address. I had hoped to leave work at 5:30, stop at Concordia Gardens, pick some veggies, get home, cook my beans for an hour, make a salad, eat, shower, and ride my bike to Tom and Miles’ lecture.

Couldn’t be done. I cut out the cooking part, eating some lettuce, a few carrots, and a giant radish. I did cook my beans, which I ate cold… Continue

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PoweredDown (mostly)

In the weeks leading up to PowerDown Week I had grand plans.. breakers off, candles, no computer.. As we started the week, though, I found myself asking questions like, "does it take more energy to run the microwave or the coffeemaker for 1 minute or the stove for 3?" and "how am I ever going to sleep in 80% humidity with no fan?" So, we've decided to approach PowerDown Week slightly differently. First, we've committed to no TV (except when the tornado sirens are going off!), and limited… Continue

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Powerdown Ultimate Local Food Challenge

Ultimate Local Food Challenge

I was originally planning on eating only food that I grew, caught, hunted, or ran over.…


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Post Carbon Institute Principles

These bullet points were written on a napkin by the founders of "The Post-Carbon Institute"

1.Energy decline is inevitable.
2.Big energy is not the way out.
3.Reduce consumption and population.
4.Start from where you are.
5.Produce locally.
6.Relish the power of symbolic seeds.
7.Honor public service.
8.Anyone is welcome. (non-sectarian, not promoting any political party)
9.Hope and reason. (no rants, not fear-based).

Added by Erik Lindberg on June 13, 2010 at 11:00am — 3 Comments

Response To New York Times Transition and Peak Oil Story

I gained a valuable insight from the recent New York Times article about Peak Oil and the Transition Movement, but this was not insight about the subject matter itself. What I learned was that even in a time of a great oil and environmental catastrophe, even the New York Times cannot address these crucial issues head-on, but only by embedding them in a personal interest story about a vaguely kooky and self-deprecating “doomer” who’s latest “obsession” has managed mainly, it appears, to annoy… Continue

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Cars Ride On The Backs Of Kids And Hummingbirds

Cars Ride On The Backs Of Kids And Hummingbirds

... the faces of kids who had no idea what kind of energy pornography website their beautiful faces, good intentions, skateboards, bikes, and smiles would be hired off to sell cars.

Greenwashing used to be BP. Those mag and TV ads - so hip, so green. And today?

Dead in the water ? To wish. Now comes…


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How the Liberal Outrage Towards BP and Offshore Drilling is Sounding Like Right Wing Talk Radio

How does right wing talk radio do its work? Take complex issues and simplify them, with particular attention to drawing rigid distinctions between the idiots, traitors, or scoundrels causing the problem and the brave, honest, and responsible listener/victim. Most of all, it involves an aggressive, though silent, repudiation of any sort of understanding of events in terms of systems and structures--especially ones in which we participate or from which we…


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Basic Energy Facts You'll Never Hear on the News or Be Told by Your Government

The world currently consumes 85 million barrels of oil/liquid fuel per day or 30 billion per year

*The World currently consumes 220 million barrels of oil equivalent (BOE) per day for all its energy needs or 80 billion per year.

*One gallon of gasoline is the equivalent of approximately 80 days hard manual labor.

*Americans consume approximately ¼ of the world’s energy.

*1 American uses the same amount of energy as 2 Europeans, 13 Chinese, and 34… Continue

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