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July 2010 Blog Posts (13)

The new operating platform from Transition Culture

The new operating platform for Transition Initiatives is now available for preview in PDF form. This is basically what the new handbook will look like next spring.



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Transition Handbook 2.0 12 Steps (out) Pattern Language (in)

The Transition Handbook will look very different in the spring of 2011. Rob Hopkins has decided to drop the 12 steps method and replace with The Pattern Language approach. For those that wish to stay on top of this I'd read the book by Christopher Alexander that inspired this change



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Cob oven project

Greetings to all of those who are interested in earth/clay/cob oven building. This is a little blog post I am starting- to document some of the more verbal aspects of this medium. The tangible, tactile parts - maybe that's better experienced with our fingertips than our ears, but certainly there is something always to say about that.

To start, I would first like to express gratitude to all the folks before us who have kept this building tradition alive (Kiko Denzer, etal) because… Continue

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Can Sustainable Farming Really Feed Us?

A recent episode of NPR’s “Here and Now” featured author Ben Hewitt, discussing his recently published The Town Food Saved.

After a vivid and thoughtful discussion of the organic farming practices and the positive effects of a strong local economy that has in many ways rejuvenated the town of Hardwick, Vermont, the host, Robin Young, asked a pricelessly dense question: “but can sustainable farming really feed us all?” The thoughtless presumption of the question is that unsustainable… Continue

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Canning Workshop Saturday!

There are a few more spots left in the food preservation workshop this weekend. Please email annie at if you are interested in joining us.

Introduction to Food Preservation

Saturday, July 17, 2010, 1-4 PM

$20/person includes all…


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Transition Racine

Transition Racine is now active. We are currently meeting the second Monday of every Month at the Gateway Technical College Conference Center in downtown Racine. We also have a web site:

If anyone on the south side of Milwaukee would like to join us feel free to join in the fun.


Rees Roberts
Racine, WI

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Is this really about Fire Hydrants?

By Gretchen Mead

Shorewood—There is a considerable amount of confusion about the

'real reason’ behind Milwaukee's plan to no longer allow fire hydrant

watering of community gardens, because, whenever we are dealing with a

large system, it’s never all that simple.

I believe it is valid to say all of the reasons that have been thrown

out there are factors - to the fire chief it’s about safety. Though, in

my limited research this is, statistically, a… Continue

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Post Carbon Reader Chapters on-line

The Post Carbon Reader book will be coming out in October. This looks like it will be essential reading for all involved in Transition. I hope this Fall we can get together and have a book club centering around the 28 essays. A study group to digest all this information. Urban planning, water issues, transportation on and on

A few chapters have been put on-line at the Post Carbon Institute. The chaper I'm posting should be popular with Transition Milwaukee members. Chris…


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Erik goes national again with The Aspiration Gap

Back in May Erik did the world a great service by laying out a psychological map for all of us. Erik coined the term Aspiration Gap and went on to describe the how he sees a way to live within the world of cognitive dissonance. A way of progressing both internally and externally towards a meaningful transition. I have thought about that posted essay many times over the past two months and hoped it had a similar influence on others. Now once again I'm very proud to see Erik's work is being…

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Homemade Bike Trailers: A Simple Way to Travel Riverwest

By Sarah Moore

Riverwest--I took to my sister's birthday party a big pot of veggies and a large cake pan, a basket of gifts and a few other bags of miscellaneous stuff, all in my bike trailer designed for hauling kids.

My kids were with my husband, so I didn't need to pull them to the party. They came later, but my husband went home early and my older boy did not have his bike. That left me with a three year old and a ten year old to bring home, plus the dishes and such. I… Continue

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I live in Crown Heights Brooklyn

I am a peak oil novice.
I've lived on the periphery of environmental action, focused primarily, on, initially, housing and real estate issues as they related to myself as an artist working in metal and needing the appropriate workspace. While the city had amassed hundreds of vacant lots they sat unused. With others I appropriated those lots and created workspace/performacespace/livingspace. Later I moved onto squatting, tho I had to maintain an apartment with a certificate of occupancy for…

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BP-Style Extreme Nightmares to Come, by Tom Brandstatter

I'm taking the liberty of posting Tom's reflections on our upcoming "holiday."

This is only for those willing to understand why the Pentagon via the Joint Forces Command sent out a deeply worried press release back in early April several weeks prior to the gulf spill . This press release was not picked up in the US press and this should make you shudder at the gross incompetence of the media. This press release had to be picked up in London and Paris. Basically to recap that April… Continue

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Powerdown Week Ultimate Local Food Challenge Conclusion

Powerdown Week, Ultimate Food Challenge Conclusion.

I’m just a simple farmer from Shorewood who got mixed up with a bunch of Riverwest radicals. They made me think a lot about the future of the world and the way we use energy. Food, they taught me, is embedded with fossil fuels in its production, so I try to eat stuff I grow without fossil fuels (mainly).

Last week I tried to eat only things I grew, supplemented by a few staples procured in town at the General Store (damn… Continue

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