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August 2010 Blog Posts (9)

Hi-lights from the 5th U.S. Conference on Peak Oil and Community Solutions in Rochester, MI - Oct. 31-Nov. 2, 2008

I would like to start a blog on the hi-lights from this conference because, even though it was almost 2 years ago now, I still find many of the things I learned there to be guiding principles going into 2011. You can purchase (or I can loan you) CD's which cover the keynote speakers during the conference, but there remains innumerable breakout sessions that were not documented on the CD's, not to mention the tours and networking sessions that occurred that Halloween weekend. Thus, this blog is… Continue

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One of the questions we often got during the workshop for the cob oven was "where does the fire go to heat the oven?" Some folks would ask if it was underneath or "behind". Although there are many variations on the theme, the oven we built for Power down week worked like this: burn a wood fire inside the cavity for a couple hours, remove the coals or wood remnants when complete, clean out the ash, seal the oven with the door to allow a heat soak and then bake.

This baking…

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Ponzi Schemes: Legal and Illegal

Nicole Stoneleigh describes a key feature of our current economic situation as a large credit expansion, which can also be described as excessive claims to underlying wealth. Through loans, then, multiple people believe they own, or have a claim on, a given unit of real wealth (production of goods and services). This system can work only if economic growth continues, allowing the money-supplying bottom of the Ponzi pyramid to expand. Like a Ponzi scheme, a debt-based economy that depends on…


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How Should Progressives Resond to the Gulf Oil Spill?

[In its August issue, The Progressive featured a discussion on the Gulf oil spill, and asked the question with which I named this post. Unfortunately, the answers came from that fact-free fantasy land that some of us like to refer to as "Plan B." Here's my response, sent to the editors. Let's hope that we can get a real dialogue going in this sort of journal. Please join me in my obsessive…


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Bifurcated Realities: Sustainability and Economic Growth on NPR

I discuss NPR frequently in my posts. My occupation as carpenter allows me to listen to NPR for most of the day. I miss segments here and there due to the noise of power tools, but with its judicious repetition I get most of it and its words and sounds rattle through my head, the soundtrack of my consciousness. Thus the preoccupation. But NPR is also an important bell-weather of the American educated and professional classes, who, as Kunstler has pointed out, are the greatest squanderers of oil… Continue

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Federal Reserve deflation warnings and The Transition Network Conference Response

The Transition Movement is asked to respond to a very daunting collection of emergencies. Climate disruption and Peak Oil being the most frequently talked about. The third in this lovely triad is monetary systems. Global economic Ponzi systems. Because these money systems are legalized gambling based on falsehoods concerning unlimited natural resources of the planet they will fail first. These are leveraged bets… Continue

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Web Site Transition

Our official domain name is now directly attributed to this site. So to get to the TM site just type

If you enter the old Ning address it will redirect you to the correct address.

The URL is the official TM web address. When directing people to… Continue

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geist upon us

Good morning.
my friend is moving to the riverwest neighborhood (from PA with her two youngers, her elder daughters are staying in PA) I'm advocating for her and helping her network, thus looking again at the transition site, and the photos!
and educating myself and well, feeling the vibe!!!!
I'll connect Gabby with you all. She's a transplanted milwaukee person, such as myself, and essentially is going home.
I was an east village, nyc, usa…

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Going through withdrawal like me ?

Working hard daily to end my personal addiction to oil has met with mixed results. I've ended up trading one addiction for another. I've become addicted to watching us get into the media. Many of us get into the news. Almost every week one of us has a microphone in our face or camera pointed at us. Formerly shy people now eagerly jumping on soapboxes and testifying. I find it so way over the top cool to be part of a group of passionate caring people. I see many faces and names of people I…

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