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September 2011 Blog Posts (4)

Why we need transit to transition

Transportation is about connecting people.

The most valuable thing we can provide each other with are ideas.

By denying Wisconsin a connection between Madison and Milwaukee, the current state govenrment is impeding statewide transition. Too often I hear about rivalries between people in Madison and Milwaukee. While I've never been one to frown upon a little friendly competion, competion without cooperation is counterproductivie. Both cities have so much innovation that the… Continue

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Fighting Bob Fest

Transition Milwaukee had a very positive presence at Fighting Bob Fest this year. The venue location was quite good. I was just outside one of the main entrances to the center floor events and near a major outside entrance. The traffic was fairly continuous all day with some very full times particularly at lunch time. I handed out many trifold fliers and some quarter section fliers. I talked with many who knew little of our message, some who knew much and only one who walked away as we were… Continue

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Why Infrastructure Spending Won't Work: A "Progressive" Perspective

Why Infrastructure Spending Won’t Work: A Progressive Perspective.


For mainstream Keynesian Democrats who have not yet become troubled about resource depletion and its rather intimate relationship with the economy, infrastructure spending makes obvious sense.  It represents investment in the economy of the future and in this sense will be “self-liquidating” or dividend-paying.  But that this belief is not the main motivating factor for infrastructure spending is in itself…


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Invisible Fortunes: Brief Thoughts on Wealth in America

Invisible Fortunes: Brief Thoughts on Wealth in America


Last week my wife and I saw an unremarkable movie, “Crazy Stupid Love.”  It was good for a few laughs and a highly suspect message on the essential nature of true love, but not much beyond that, unless you were willing to look at the movie in terms of the American ideology of affluence and wealth, of which it provided a very good example while, at the same time, inviting some insights about the way ideology in general…


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