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October 2010 Blog Posts (8)

Mis-Imagining Peak Oil

I’m going to begin by admitting to a wish that others may also share: I wish for Peak Oil. The sooner, the better. Let’s get it over with; let’s rip off that band-aid.

In more reflective moments, or at least ones in which I focus on practical aspects and likely consequences, I am reminded that my life, and those of my friends and family, are pretty safe and secure right now, and that after Peak Oil, they will become increasingly less so. But my visceral reaction to the news that oil… Continue

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all the talents of edible trees

I and a bunch of other TM'ers have been busy planning an event for November 6th to kick off a planting and educational campaign to grow more fruit and nut trees in Milwaukee. We are doing this for one reason Fruit and nut trees address a huge host of issues. Fruit and nut trees provide food like

a garden but with more results in a smaller space with less effort in

the end. Edible trees also have all the benefits that all trees have. They

slow water with their canopy and their… Continue

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The Long and the Short of It: Existential Comfort in the Age of Hopkins and Greer, Part V

The Long and the Short of it: Existential Comfort in the Age of Hopkins and Greer, Part V

The metaphysical comfort—with which I am suggesting even now, every true tragedy leaves us—that life is at the bottom of things, despite all the changes of appearances, indestructibly powerful and pleasurable—this comfort appears in incarnate clarity in the chorus of satyrs, a chorus of natural beings who live ineradicably, as it were, behind all civilization and remain eternally the same,… Continue

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Germany has too much Solar???

Article in CommonDreams today... ru kidding? no seriously...


Added by Charlie on October 21, 2010 at 4:26pm — 1 Comment

Future Screening of Five-Fold Path of Productive Meetings:


At the Nuts and Bolts Meeting tonight, we agreed to show two Future screenings, one part each day, of Five-Fold Path of Productive Meetings: Right People, Right Container, Right Process, Right Facilitation, Right Agenda.

I offered to host a viewing and discussion of each of the webinars. Fill out the following poll,…


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"Milwaukee’s Good Food Movement" Shepherd-Express Cover Story

The Victory Garden Initiative's Founder, Gretchen Mead, is featured in this Shepherd-Express Cover Story about "Milwaukee’s Good Food Movement."

An article By Sarah Biondich



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Why plant Hazel nuts?

We have less than a week until we put our order into the Arbor day 

for hazel nuts, please let us know if you are going to help

enlarge the nut aspect of our edible food forest!

Why you may ask should I order and plant hazelnuts shrubs? Well....

Our vegetable gardens are an important part of a our growing urban

agriculture movement, and represent an important part of our diets.

However, tomatoes and green peppers alone are not going to feed…

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talk v/s act or lasting investments v/s where to put our bets?

There have been online discussions since Nicole Foss's talk about whether to discuss more if her predictions are valid or to take action. I realized that some may have perceived my own opinions as against discussion and I regrets this. I hope that in my own strength of belief I am not pushing the needs others have to to process to the side.

I have been thinking about all of this a lot and even if her predictions are correct, some preparations she recommends can be taken by only an elite… Continue

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