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October 2014 Blog Posts (3)

The Infinite Toddler Regress--The Krugman Function Part 3

In this installment I’m going to talk about Paul Krugman’s resistance to whole-system thinking, and I’m going to do it by way of a comparison to a very different intellectual dispensation: namely the one demonstrated by my three year old twin sons.  Lest this comparison seem too insulting to be taken seriously, in his defense I should mention that Krugman’s poor showing in this intellectual curiosity contest nevertheless illustrates an important dilemma.  This dilemma is faced daily by…


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The Krugman Function Part 2--Whole System Thinking

Whole System Thinking

Anyone who has spent much time thinking about ecology, peak oil and the economy, or global carbon emissions with any degree of complexity understands the importance of whole-system thinking.  Whole-system thinking reminds us that our economy cannot be intelligently assessed without an understanding of resources and energy.  Whole-system thinking tells the ecologist that the loss of one species or a slight change in precipitation patterns will upset a far…


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The Krugman Function


Fresh thinking is difficult to perform and is often poorly received, but is not without some pleasures as well.  One can expect a distinct combination of frustration and satisfaction when toiling from within a new paradigm that is struggling for its first foothold on the long and hopeful ascent towards conventional wisdom and widespread acceptance.  Such frustrations become more acute, and in some cases reflect mortal danger, when the old-guard starts hurling large rocks and…


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