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November 2013 Blog Posts (3)

Notes from a Born Again Soil Worshipper

In modernity, we value progress and individualism, which are part of a constellation of values that also includes mobility, acquisition, and change.  We are suspicious of social ties that may bind, even as we long for connection, for these ties limit values that are even more important to us than that.  We privilege individual excellence over group cohesiveness and thus valorize the restless and dissatisfied seeker, especially when he [sic] pursues innovation.  And “innovation,” in…


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The Audacity of a Low Energy Future

The basic truths about our unsustainable way of life are difficult truths to swallow.  When I present my research on energy and the environment, regardless of the setting, the response is usually either disbelief, despair, or both.  Sometimes the audience walks away in stunned silence.  Other times, the question and answer period is full of “what about. . . ?” questions: what about making biodiesel from algae?  What about tidal power? What about electric cars?  What about new…


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Unsustainability Now!

Concerns over sustainability are usually directed towards the future--a pattern I have often been guilty of participating in. We talk about the environmental costs to our children and the world we will leave to them, the future consequences of our current action and inaction. Peak oil activists were likewise still using phrases like “after peak oil” well beyond its 2005 peak, as if it would be some great cataclysmic moment in the future.  Maintaining this future-oriented…


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