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November 2014 Blog Posts (3)

Six Myths About Climate Change that Liberals Rarely Question

Six Myths About Climate Change that Liberals Rarely Question

By Erik Lindberg


Myth #1:  Liberals Are Not In Denial 

“We will not apologize for our way of life” –Barack Obama

The conservative denial of the very fact of climate change looms large in the minds of many liberals.  How, we ask, could people ignore so much solid and unrefuted evidence?   Will they deny the existence of fire as Rome burns once again?  With so…


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Climate Crisis and the Pursuit of Happiness: Reflections on Community Solutions Conference

Last weekend I had the privilege of attending the Sixth Community Solutions Conference:  “Climate Crisis—Curtailment and Community—and The Power of Individual Action,” held in Yellow Springs Ohio by The Arthur Morgan Institute for Community Solutions.  To those not familiar with permaculture, the work of  Community Solutions or for that matter The Post Carbon Institute, the most remarkable thing about the conference was what was not included—namely, the usual salvo of smart-grids and…


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Sufficient Liberal Stories--The Krugman Function Part 4

On the face of it, Paul Krugman appears entirely confident in the future of the American way of life and the growth of a globally inclusive economy.  He is similarly confident in our ability to address climate change by running that economy on renewable energy.

This needs two significant qualifications.  First, it is unclear whether this is what Krugman hopes, or what he expects; whether he is rallying us in an inspirational mode, or lecturing in an analytic one.  In…


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