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December 2011 Blog Posts (2)

Economics: Pre- and Post-Copernican (A Defense of Nicole Foss)

Asking an economist to evaluate the work of Nicole Foss is a bit like asking a Baptist Minister to evaluate the work of a secular, agnostic theologian or philosopher of religion, for we are dealing with two competing belief systems and Foss (along with Richard Heinberg, John Michael Greer, Juliet Schor, Wendell Berry, and to some extent Bill McKibben) is, among other things, challenging the economists unquestioned belief in a very specific view of the world ,as well as numerous elements of…


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Politics: The Third Rail of Peak Oil Analysis

Despite its brief history, one might identify changing emphasis in peak oil commentary and analysis.  Though the overlap is far greater than the difference, the earliest stress, it seemed, was on the simple depletion of the oil itself and thus the impact its growing scarcity would have on our trains, planes, and automobiles.  Because of its rather direct use of fossil fuel inputs, the coming challenges of industrial agriculture was also an early topic of extensive…


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