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December 2014 Blog Posts (5)

Transportation Technology and Infrastructure for a Sustainable Society

Feet are great. They are humankind’s original mode of transportation, and in many ways are still the premium transportation mode. They are non-polluting, quiet, efficient, and using them makes us healthier and tends to encourage the kind of human interaction that improves our society. In two previous posts (…


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The Layout of Sustainable Communities

In my post on the Scale and Character of Sustainable Communities ( I discuss issues of scale that I see as crucial in achieving a high quality of sustainable living. By building and adapting communities to maximize walkability, we take a key step in minimizing our reliance on powered…


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The Scale and Character of Sustainable Communities

Sustainability is not simply an option to be chosen or rejected. By very simple, reasonable definitions, sustainability is inevitable. After all if an activity is unsustainable, it cannot continue indefinitely. Since sustainability is inevitable, achieving it is not the real challenge we face. Our challenge is to help in the transition to a society that offers the same or similar benefits to future generations as those we have enjoyed as we exploited a wide range of resources in an…


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A New Old Economics

Economics is anything but a new discipline. The origins of economics are generally traced to Socrates, Plato, and perhaps most of all Aristotle. Oikos nomos - the norms of a well-run household - was where it all began. To be sure, the norms of a well run household in ancient Greece left a lot to be desired by modern standards. Most people today would be shocked by their conclusion that a man's second most important possession is his wife (second only to his house), and that slaves should be…


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