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I thought I would post links to the Press we got last year and this year, in case people were interested, or wanted to share it! 

This is getting really exciting. Even if we don't get more press, I am so pleased with all the work people have put into this, and all the stuff we are going to get to do together next week! 

And I am looking forward to my Staycation! 

Be check out this post for some great power down ideas:
How Many Ways Are There to Power Down?
A blog post by Chirstie Mole - written by Sura Faraj

Great Press about Power Down Week from 2010



Powering Down - A Deliberate Exercise of Restraint
By Susan Bence
January 8, 2010 | WUWM | Milwaukee, WI

Milwaukee Neighborhood Powers Down For the Week
By Susan Bence
June 21, 2010 | WUWM | Milwaukee, WI

Power Down Week in Milwaukee WI June 21-27 2010 
by Green Racine

Power Down Week and Energy Independence Day 2010
in the Shepherd Express

'Power Down Week' organizers plan self-sufficient Independence Day
By Tom Tolan of the Milwaukee Journal Sentinel
How low can you go: Milwaukeeans plan to "power down"
By Molly Snyder
Power Down Week fired up Milwaukee
By Molly Snyder
Power Down Week 2010 
TM's info page from last year

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